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first contact: dive bar pool table

age: patchy facial hair

intelligence: “What’s your opinion of Kurosawa’s Dreams?”

He asked me if I’d like to go back to his to listen to his rare audio sample collection. It wasn’t a euphemism. 

new tumblr I started with a friend.

baseball card style write ups of lost loves and lost losers. 

Mar 23, 2014
Feb 27, 2014

my other blog is a writing blog.

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The Pixelstick: an awesome new way of light painting with long exposure (via)

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my Halloween costume this year.

Chinese Factory Workers & the Toys They Make - Imgur
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Chinese Factory Workers & the Toys They Make - Imgur

Oct 8, 2013

new(ish) blog

follow my secondary blog here. it is not like this one at all.

Blade Runner derivation
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Blade Runner derivation

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Oct 1, 2013 / 11 notes


recent illustrations for Der Spiegel

thanks to AD Antje Klein